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In last two decades one unmissable change has taken place in the field of education as well as employment. Not only the opportunities in both the areas have increased many folds, but also the youths of India have become more competitive in their selection (even for admission in reputed institution or for jobs in private sector). As a result, test prep business has become a booming sector. Not many jobs are there where there is no neck and neck competition due to large number of test takers.Getting prepared by joining coaching is an important option for the aspirant. However, the number of attempts required to clear any of these exams is quite high (attime may take 5-6 attempts) and the time period to required from start to end varies from two to four years. That makes it imperative to supplement the classroom (physical or online) coaching with self- preparation in a structured manner. The easiest way is to remain in the groove through regular practice. Further, day by day all major tests are going through an obvious change- from paper-pencil mode to online mode. Hence, an aspirant cannot do without good
study materials supported by online practice tests. Careerbandhu Education seeks to present a case in which students would find it fruitful to step up their preparation for competitive exams with convenience and at an affordable cost.
We are AMF Eduservices - a company working since 2014 (formally established in April 2015) Presently we are working on the development of Assessment and Study material of various fields We work under the brand name of CAREERBANDHU.