Careerbandhu Prof (Dr) Ajai Kumar Srivastava

Our Patron and expert in Behaviour Psychology

Prof (Dr) Ajai Kumar Srivastava is a Rehabilitation Psychologist, an expert in Behaviour Therapy and an accomplished professor of Clinical Psychology. He had served K.G. MEDICAL COLLEGE, LUCKNOW and INSTITUTE OF MENTAL HEALTH AND HOSPITAL, AGRA. He has many papers and articles published to his credit in dozens of professional journals on the subjects of Psychology, Behavioral Sciences, Cognitive Deficits, Psychiatry, Mental Health, Bipolar affective disorder, Schizophrenia etc. His association with Careerbandhu will immensely benefit our student communities.

Prof (Dr) Srivastava has authored two books, listed below, which are very popular among the students as well as professionals:

1. "ASAMANYA MANOVIGYAN" Vinod Pustak Mandir, AGRA.

2. "MANOVIKRATI VIGY AN" Agrawal  Pustak Mandir, AGRA.

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